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The Power of People

Phil Gaudin has been working with small businesses all his life and has always followed a key business philosophy. “I believe in supporting those that support you. That’s why we went with TrustPower and we’ve stuck with them.”

Phil owns the Video Ezy in Greerton, Tauranga. He bought the business five years ago and immediately switched to TrustPower, as he’d been a residential TrustPower customer for 15 years.

When TrustPower launched Kinect, the phone, tolls and broadband service, Charlene Wallace from TrustPower’s sales team contacted Phil. “We were under contract with another telco supplier but they were never very helpful. So when our contract came up I rang Charlene. She remembered who I was and arranged for us to switch to Kinect within a couple of days,” says Phil.

Charlene says building good customer relationships is about being honest and upfront. “I remember working with Phil. I explained to him exactly where he would save money with Kinect and where he might not. When Phil switched, I made sure I followed his case and I always phoned him back when I said I would. TrustPower allows me to spend quality time on the phone with my customers, rather than focusing on quantity. They provide me with product knowledge, training and great support while allowing me to be me.”

Meanwhile, Phil is delighted he made the move. “I reckon our phone bills are actually less than what they were under the previous supplier and it was so easy to make the change.”

For Dee Dawson, who works in the Kinect team, this is the best feedback she can get. “We have a good relationship with the sales staff so that we can feedback to each other to ensure a smooth process for our customer. I take pride in providing exceptional service, working with our customers and TrustPower staff until the customer is fully connected and satisfied,” says Dee.

Back at Video Ezy Phil is about to put a deal up on OfferZone, a new website where TrustPower business customers can promote special offers to other TrustPower customers.

Katie Clark joined TrustPower six months ago as TrustPower’s Online Marketing Advisor, and is one of the key staff involved in the development of OfferZone. “TrustPower is dynamic and if something needs to happen it will happen, which is really refreshing. I’ve had huge support and great opportunities for training. Even though TrustPower is a corporate – it doesn’t feel like that. I can talk to anybody in the business, it really is a community.”

TrustPower’s community values also mean a lot to Phil. “Both TrustPower and the Tauranga Electricity Consumer Trust give a lot back to the community. I like seeing big business supporting the region we live in.”

As well as supporting the community TrustPower provides huge support to staff. Danie Christiansen has moved from sales to being a customer service representative and now she’s a lead customer service representative. “There are so many opportunities here and there is awesome training and support. The Company also has a great culture; everyone is approachable from the Chief Executive right through. Staff are incredibly well taken care of in terms of job flexibility. I feel really appreciated,” says Danie. Having staff that feel appreciated and are passionate about the Company and the part they play in its success, is key to providing the excellent products and service TrustPower is renowned for.

“With other companies you get the same questions time after time and have to press lots of buttons to speak to someone. It makes dealing with them a struggle. Dealing with TrustPower’s people is just so much easier. They know what they’re talking about, are helpful and they talk to you in a way you can understand. They make it easy to do business with them, so we’re definitely sticking with it,” says Phil.