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“The empowering thing was to talk to someone that could understand my needs, and wasn’t out to prove the company right but instinctively knew what the customer needed without being made to feel unimportant.”

This was what Annette Exon wrote in an email to TrustPower after speaking with Barbara Lye, a TrustPower customer service representative based in Oamaru. Annette had just received her first combined phone, internet and power bill and was confused at what she was paying. “I remember talking to Annette...she was lovely,” says Barbara.

Barbara says she listened to Annette, heard what her issues were, and then simply explained how the bill works. “Barbara just made it feel so common sense without making me feel ridiculous. She was so easy to talk to and was such a positive person,” says Annette.

Barbara says providing great service is all about listening and realising each customer is a real person. “It’s just the way you talk to people. It’s just your attitude, your voice and I think if you let people realise that you’re genuinely interested it makes a huge difference.

When you solve someone’s problems you can really make their day and, to be honest, that’s a great feeling.”


Graeme Thomas from Invercargill describes himself as the worst of the worst when it comes to making changes. Little surprise then that he had been with his former power company for 40 years. “Usually I have no time for these people who ring up to sell you something, but there was just something about that young fella that I could connect with,” says Graeme.

That young fella is Jesse Liddle, a member of TrustPower’s telesales team. Jesse says he loves the thrill of telesales and working with customers to ensure they are getting what they really need.

“I love building a rapport with people and selling them a product I really believe in.

I remember chatting to Mr Thomas and I am stoked that he’s happy that he’s now a TrustPower customer,” says Jesse.

Graeme says being with a New Zealand owned power company makes a big difference to him and he was so impressed with Jesse’s ability to explain who TrustPower was and what the company was offering that he rang back to compliment Jesse on a job well done. “I don’t ring up companies very often but I got great service and I thought they should give that guy a pat on the back.”


“I saw a slogan the other day that said the best reward for a job well done is having done it. That’s kind of my motto.” Lois Copeland has been described as the best meter reader in the country, although it’s a compliment she quickly brushes aside.

“I enjoy providing good service. That’s what makes the job enjoyable. That’s what keeps me in the job,” says Lois.

Lois said she was just doing her job when in January 2011 she rang customer Cheryl Butler to confirm the best time to come and read her meter. “I told Lois not to come because my son and I had chicken pox – we were really ill and I didn’t want her catching it,” says Cheryl. The last thing Cheryl expected was for Lois to pop around later that day with some energy drinks and six lemonade ice blocks.

“I was overwhelmed. She did this just out of the kindness of her heart and I was just speechless. I already thought she provided awesome service but that day Lois really went above and beyond what her position required. From feeling so ill she made me feel so blessed. She really is the best meter reader in the country,” says Cheryl.


For some organisations their values are something that are framed on a wall and that’s how they are communicated to employees and other stakeholders. At TrustPower you won’t see our values framed anywhere. Instead you will see them demonstrated every day, by every employee. TrustPower’s values underpin every our action, decision and behaviour. We call it PRIIDE in action.

Our values permeate through all our people related strategies, systems and processes. We measure our performance against our PRIIDE values in terms of customer feedback, the achievement of business outcomes, and behaviour and related remuneration decisions. Our values underpin our leadership development and training, and regular reward and recognition events recognise those employees who have demonstrated our PRIIDE values at an outstanding level.

Alongside the feedback we get from our customers, suppliers and other external stakeholders, we seek feedback every year from our staff. This annual staff engagement survey ensures that we continue to nurture and build upon what employees acknowledge is a great workplace environment, and continually reinforce the opportunities that enable PRIIDE to thrive.

In 2010 we participated in the JRA Best NZ Work Places Survey. The overall engagement results from this survey are shown on page 33. Engaged employees are vital to TrustPower because they seek to solve problems, take the initiative, and help colleagues and customers when and where needed.

We continue to see a consistent return on our investment in employee development initiatives, in particular the development of our leaders and managers, through achievements such as increased employee commitment and reduced staff turnover.

Health and safety remains a strong focus and year on year we continue to reduce the number of injury incidents through greater focus on investigation and preventative actions. This will be a continuing focus for TrustPower.


For superb customer service


For each other, our shareholders and all other stakeholders


We say it as it is and do what we say


We find smarter ways to do things to produce improved and sustainable results


We deliver with attitude. We be ourselves and we always look to create positive and lasting relationships


We take responsibility and play our part in making TrustPower more successful, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.