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“It’s just so easy”

As a busy working mum Sandra Millane has no time for hassles in her life. “I don’t need any hold ups or troubles, and that’s why I love being with TrustPower,” says Sandra.

Sandra is a TrustPower and Kinect customer. She is also a Southland Times subscriber so reaps the benefits of TrustPower’s recent Southland promotion, such as the Southland Toll Free Zone. “I get my phone, power and internet all together in one bill sent to me by email – it’s just so easy. And it’s nice to know that if I have to ring anyone in Southland it’s free with Kinect.”

Sandra’s been a TrustPower customer for the last four years and has spoken so highly of TrustPower that now her friends and neighbours are making the switch.

“We get a lot of people ask what power company we’re with and I’m proud to say I’m with TrustPower. I was actually talking about TrustPower at work the other day and one of the girls was saying that she’s having trouble with her power supplier. I said that she should just change. I just can’t recommend TrustPower enough.”

Dealing with a New Zealand owned company is also a big plus for Sandra. “It’s so nice knowing I’m talking to people right here in New Zealand – not overseas. Everyone is just so friendly and helpful and nothing’s a problem. Even the lady who comes to read my meter is lovely – she even likes the dog.”