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Management Team

"What is your key focus for the next 12 months?"

Vince Hawksworth
Chief Executive

"My focus is on the strategies to deliver value for TrustPower’s shareholders and customers, ensuring we are prepared for the opportunities that the changing electricity market offers for investment. This year we will progress our growth projects in New Zealand and Australia and invest in the capability of our people and systems to deliver future success.”

Robert Farron
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

"TrustPower has over 750MW of fully consented renewable generation projects in New Zealand and Australia. A key focus for myself and my team over the next twelve months will be ensuring that we have a very clear understanding of the investment potential of each project so that we can have a high level of confidence that shareholder value will be added if project investment cases are approved by the Board. We are also looking for the best ways to finance these investment opportunities."

Paul Bacon
Chief Information Officer (Acting)

"The replacement of TrustPower’s Customer Information System is a key focus for the Information Technology team. Amongst other things, this system supports our billing, call centre and electricity market interaction, so getting it right is essential. Alongside this, work on refreshing our technology platform will continue, ensuring that TrustPower has a reliable, secure IT environment for the future."

Karen Boyte
General Manager Human Resources

"Increasing staff engagement, retention and talent development continue to be the major focus for 2011/12. As TrustPower’s environments internally and externally continue to change, we will be focussing on reviewing our critical success factors for the future. As always, we remain focused on the health, safety and wellbeing of all our people."

Therese Thorn
General Manager Trading

"This year my key focus is the impact of changes in the electricity market on Trustpower’s wholesale market trading activities. An additional focus will be the sustainable management of TrustPower's portfolio procurement and trading operation including – electricity, carbon and other tradable resources."

Deion Campbell
General Manager Generation

"My team is currently focused largely on successfully executing several generation development projects and ensuring the existing assets are operated safely and profitably. We are also researching ways to further improve the value derived from our existing assets and making sure our pipeline of new projects is aligned with the opportunities in the market."

Chris O’Hara
BAgrSc, Dip. Bus
General Manager Commercial Operations

"We expect 2011 to be an extremely competitive year in electricity retailing so we will be very focused on adding value for our customers and providing amazing service. My other key focuses will be developing the tremendous irrigation opportunities TrustPower has in Canterbury, growing our successful telecommunications business, and ensuring the success of our business wide IT systems replacement project."

Peter Calderwood
General Manager Strategy & Growth

"Development of further options in the Australian market, including the Snowtown 2 Wind Farm project, is a key objective for the next year, so that TrustPower is ready to act when there is more certainty in the Australian government’s reaction to climate change. In New Zealand there are a number of market changes occurring. Co-ordination of TrustPower’s input from a strategic view point will be a key focus."