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Our Customers


As the world becomes increasingly complex, customers are looking for suppliers that open doors and are easy to deal with. At TrustPower, we recognise that fact and focus on doing real things designed to minimise customer effort.  

At TrustPower, we have always focused on ensuring we get the basics right, and that includes making sure our customers find it easy to do business with us. We look to make improvements by listening to our customers via conversations with them, and our own customer surveys.  

Over the past year we have made changes to our telephone system to make it easier and faster for our customers to speak with a real person, and we have added services designed to keep our customers better informed about power outages.  We continue to focus on our call quality, measuring our performance via post call customer surveys and taking steps to ensure we reach our target of 95% of customers rating the service they received as very good or excellent.   

We also recognise that there is nothing more frustrating for a customer than hearing “I’m not able to help you with that, I’ll have to transfer you to another department” which is why we implemented our Level 2 Customer Services Representative programme. This programme is designed to provide our people with, as well as great communications skills, the technical knowledge so they can solve most queries without the need to transfer the customer to another part of our business.  

As a result of the programme, we have seen a 30% reduction in work being passed on. Analysis and real time customer surveys tell us our One and Done approach and training means 95 per cent of calls by customers result in their enquiry now being completely solved in one call.  

When it comes to our business customers, we understand that today’s managers don’t have the time to become an expert in every aspect under their direct control. Instead they seek to build a team of experts around them that they can rely on. For many of our customers TrustPower’s commercial sales team and our tele-account managers fill that role. We are still one of the few retailers with a nationwide team of account managers, providing on site support for customers that need it.  

Some organisations might stop there but our team is committed to continuing to improve the service we provide our customers. Recently our service team was asked the simple question “our customers would love it if?” and we received a number of great suggestions that we are looking to implement in the coming year.  


Because of the industry that Mondo Travel works in, it was crucial when switching phone providers to Kinect, that it happened without a hitch. Mondo told us that they were very pleased with both the process and our staff.  

The Kinect team were professional and friendly, and we now have a phone and internet solution that is more suited to our business.  

I’d heard about Kinect, as some of our customers use Kinect for their emails and internet, and I’d only heard positive things. I’d also seen the Kinect Billboards that went up around the Bayfair area some time ago. Charlene from Kinect then approached me and discussed Kinect Business with us. Charlene was very professional and friendly, and I liked that she was realistic about what Kinect could and could not offer. I was very happy with the fact that Charlene wasn’t pushy like salespeople can be, and as I also work in a sales environment, I really appreciated the fact that she called only when it had been arranged and when it was suitable. Charlene gave us time to look at and work through the costings.  

We found the proposal very easy to read and follow, and were pleased with the prices. Kinect was very competitive and provided a much better solution for our requirements.  

We were also pleased with the switching process. I was impressed that her business manager Peter came with Charlene for the final sign over and was able to give more information.  

Because of the industry we work in, it was crucial that the switch between suppliers happened without a hitch. When switching over I had calls from Patrick at Kinect who walked me through the process.  

One aspect for being drawn to Kinect was that they support local New Zealand businesses in the Bay of Plenty.  

“Kinect was very competitive and provided a much better solution for our requirements.”  

- Tim Jensen, Mondo Travel Tauranga    

North Canterbury Customers Join TrustPower  

Early this year we identified that customers in North Canterbury needed a change and we asked them to join us. Rangiora, Kaiapoi and surrounds are areas that we are well suited to serve given our nearby Coleridge hydro generation scheme. We appreciate that so many customers have chosen to switch to TrustPower and we will do our very best to ensure that they get the service they deserve.    

Strong Kinect Growth Continues  

The past year has been a busy one for Kinect with strong growth in both phone and internet services as well as launching our business offer. With the number of services we sell rapidly approaching 35,000 Kinect is consolidating itself as a niche player in the telco market. Kinect Business is rapidly becoming known for providing the personal service that many small businesses expect (but seldom get) from their service provider.