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Retrieving Data

Management Team

Vince Hawksworth


Chief Executive

I lead the team at TrustPower to achieve our strategic goals, ensuring we understand the changing markets we operate in, analyse future opportunities and make smart business choices. My focus is to create the environment for our people to succeed and deliver value for our shareholders and customers.

Mike Kedian


Generation Manager

I manage the team that operates and maintains our existing assets as well as developing the concepts, designs and commercial arrangements for additions to our generation portfolio. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the efficiency and output of our assets as well as developing a pipeline of future opportunities for investments that will add value to TrustPower.  

Therese Thorn


Trading & Risk Manager

My team engage with the wholesale electricity market to enable TrustPower’s own generation and that purchased from other generators to be sold into the best market. I support the talented people who read meters, produce bills, switch new customers, allocate cash and reconcile all the data to ensure we buy what we sell. We focus on accurate, timely and effective outcomes using innovative improvement techniques.  

Chris O’Hara


Energy Sales Manager

As the manager of TrustPower’s retail division, my responsibility is to maximise the value of TrustPower’s generation assets by placing their output into the retail market. New assets can then be built in the knowledge that we have a strong retail business to support them. We place our energy in a range of retail markets at prices that provide a suitable return to shareholders, while ensuring that we maintain a strong reputation and very well served customers.  

Nelson N Tkatch


Chief Information Officer

My role as Chief Information Officer is to make sure TrustPower’s information technology investments help improve operational effectiveness and service quality while enabling business development and growth. We achieve these goals by providing secure, dependable business systems and support to meet daily technical needs, complemented by technology strategies that align with TrustPower’s future direction.  

Robert Farron


Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Ensuring high standards are maintained in financial reporting, treasury management, investor relations and governance support are a given for my role at TrustPower. TrustPower’s growth is underpinned by many renewable generation development opportunities. A key focus for me is to ensure that the Group has access to the most effective funding sources as opportunities develop.  

Karen Boyte


Human Resource Manager

As Human Resource Manager, my role is to ensure we have the right people, in the right place, with the right skills, who are highly engaged to achieve TrustPower’s strategic goals. This requires development of strategies and actions for employee attraction, selection, training and development, health and safety, succession, remuneration, performance, and retention. The ultimate outcome is high levels of productivity and greater returns to shareholders.    

Peter Calderwood


Strategic Business Development Manager

At TrustPower I spend much of my time looking forward to the next strategic opportunities for the company, mainly in terms of new investments. My day is often taken up in negotiations around major contracts and I also work closely with TrustPower’s investments in Australia and our Australian operations. I am also involved in representing TrustPower in industry and regulatory matters in Wellington.