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“The TrustPower team understand that getting the basics right and supporting our business managers allows our managers to focus their energy on making their business a success.” Phil Mckenzie - Marketing & Procurement Manager Landcorp

Landcorp Farming Limited (Landcorp) is a State-Owned Enterprise and the largest farming business in New Zealand. Landcorp’s extensive and diverse operations are among the best performing in the sheep and beef, dairy and deer sectors of New Zealand agriculture. With approximately 650 sites nationwide, Landcorp went looking for a supplier that would allow their farm managers to focus their energy on their passion, which is their business, and they chose TrustPower.  

Landcorp as an organisation consists of a team based in Wellington and a number of farm management teams spread from sub tropical Northland to cool temperate Southland. Landcorp is therefore an organisation that looks for suppliers than can satisfy both the administrative efficiency required by the Wellington team as well as the direct and day to day support that their farm management teams require.

Like Landcorp, TrustPower is an organisation with teams of people working from the far north to the deep south and we understand that to be an effective supplier we need to deliver the same high quality of service to our customers regardless of location. Back in the earliest days of the electricity reforms we began building processes and putting in place teams nationwide that could meet that need. Today we provide a quality service to customers from one end of the country to the other and that gives organisations like Landcorp the confidence to consolidate their business with the one supplier.  

In what is a significant undertaking for some of our competitors, we efficiently switched in Landcorp sites right across the country and ensured we got the basics right. Since then our support teams have developed direct relationships with both the corporate and farm management sides of the business, ensuring both the practical and administrative needs of both groups are met. Through that process we have identified and resolved issues that were not fully addressed by either Landcorp or its previous suppliers and worked with farm managers to assist them to better understand their consumption and pricing options. Over the next few months our people will continue to work with the Landcorp team to identify ways we can support their business further ensuring their managers can focus their energy and continue to make Landcorp a success.  

This is a story that we have repeated many times now for many of New Zealand’s leading organisations as well as for small businesses be they in the far north or the deep south and it is a story that you will continue to hear into the future.