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Retrieving Data

Note 25

For the Year Ended 31 March 2010


Note 25

Interest rates paid during the year ranged from 2.68% to 4.75%.

The Group has the following loan facilities with interest priced at between call and 180 day rates:

(i) $125,000,000 revolving loan expiring in under one year

(ii) $220,000,000 revolving loan expiring in one to two years

(iii) $125,000,000 revolving loan expiring in two to five years

(iv) $91,104,000 table loan maturing in eleven years

(v) AUD 160,000,000 revolving loan expiring in under one year

Subsequent to balance date the Group has accepted offers to refinance the Australian dollar facility expiring in under one year and extend it by AUD 20,000,000 to AUD 180,000,000. This facility is expected to be documented by 30 June 2010 and will mature in two to five years.

Where drawn facilities mature within one year and the Group has an unconditional right to refinance the loans through undrawn facilities with the same lenders with maturity dates of greater than one year from the end of the reporting period, the loan is considered non-current.

All of the Group’s borrowings are unsecured. The Group borrows under a negative pledge arrangement with its bank loan providers, which with limited exceptions does not permit the Group to grant any security interest over its assets. The negative pledge deed requires the Group to maintain certain levels of shareholders’ funds and operate within defined performance and debt gearing ratios. The banking arrangements may also create restrictions over the sale or disposal of certain assets unless the bank loans are repaid or renegotiated, specifically:

- Facilities (i) to (iii) and (v) require a continuation of the existing business operations. There are no costs to cancel the facilities.

- Facility (iv) requires continued ownership by the Group of at least 30% in relation to Tararua Stage III wind generation assets with a book value of $192,528,000. There are no costs to cancel the facility.

Throughout the period the Group has complied with all debt covenance requirements as imposed by lenders (see above for requirements).

A subsidiary company has entered into a fully defeased cross border lease in relation to generation assets with a book value of $65,500,000. The lease liability is not recognised in these financial statements as all obligations have been prepaid to the respective lessors. This creates restrictions on the disposal of the asset unless the subsidiary company holding the assets is part of the disposal. The lease expires in January 2018 and is subject to a potential termination payment, up to a maximum value of $4,882,000 (2009: $5,415,000), in the event that the subsidiary wishes to terminate the lease.