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Retrieving Data

Let us know your situation

Please tell us if you, or someone in your household, depends on electricity for critical medical support, or if health or wellbeing is especially vulnerable. Simply complete and return this form, together with written confirmation from your health professional outlining the critical medical equipment, or the reason for vulnerability. 

When we have this information, we will know that disconnection of your electricity supply would present a threat to health or wellbeing. We always aim to act with care and respect. We comply with the New Zealand code and other regulations on vulnerable and medically dependent customers.

Know your emergency response plan

We can never guarantee your power supply at all times, as temporary outages can occur. We urge you to have a clear emergency response plan. This could include always having a standby battery that is fully charged and ready to use. It could also include plans to immediately relocate to another address which has electricity supply.

Let us know about payment difficulties

Age, health or disability can add difficulty to paying power bills. For suggestions, read our advice on difficulty paying

If your health or wellbeing will be endangered by having your power disconnected, please tell us immediately, by calling 0800 87 87 87.

Nominate a representative

If you’re having difficulty paying, or your power is likely to be disconnected, you may wish to nominate a person, or people, to act as your representative. They could be family, a friend, or social agency. Their role will be to communicate with Trustpower on your behalf and to make sure you fully understand the situation. They could also choose to give you financial assistance. At any time, if we can’t contact you, we will contact your representative. 

To nominate a representative(s), make sure they agree, then complete and return this form.