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Retrieving Data

Is there easy access to your meter?

If you don't have an advanced meter, we will need access to the meter on your premises during normal working hours. If you have dogs, please secure them when the meter reader is due. If you have a security system, please provide us with the key or code. If the meter reader is unable to access the meter, your power use may be estimated; repeated lack of access may mean your power supply is disconnected. If you need more information on providing access to your property, please contact us.

What’s shown on your bill?

Your monthly Trustpower bill is designed to clearly show your rate, usage, amount to pay, and payment due date. If you’re on a plan that bundles more than one service, you still get just one bill, showing one amount to pay. For more information, see our guide to understanding your bill or simply contact us.

Your internet options depend on the network in your area

As with any internet service provider (ISP), your internet options will reflect the quality of network in your area. When you tell us where you are, we can tell you what internet services are available, and if any network upgrades are coming to your area soon.

Market leading internet service

You can be sure that Trustpower is ideally placed to provide robust internet service. By law, all New Zealand internet service providers, ourselves included, must be treated equally by the wholesale operators. If there’s a network fault, for example, all customers must be given equal priority, regardless of their ISP. What makes the difference is our own commitment to giving you better customer service.

Not happy with our service?

If you have any complaint about our service, please let us know. We appreciate knowing, because an issue may be due to a simple misunderstanding. And if we’ve made an error, we want to resolve it. You’ll find details of what to do here.

Like full details of our agreement?

To check any details of our commitments to you, or the responsibilities you have in return, please read our Customer Service Agreement.