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Retrieving Data

Whatever Trustpower plan you’re signing up for

  • You’ll first be asked for your name, and details including your email address and phone numbers.
  • There will be a quick online credit check. So long as your credit history is accepted, you can then answer questions to match the plan you want.

Information for phone and power

  • If you currently have a phone account, you’ll be asked for the provider, account number, name on the bill and your phone number.
  • If you’ll be moving to the address, you’ll be asked for the move date.
  • You’ll be asked if the power is currently on.
  • You’ll be asked for any information needed by the meter reader, such as if there is a dog on the property.
  • You’ll be asked if you’re a vulnerable customer. If you are, you’ll need to provide confirmation.

Information for broadband

  • You’ll be asked the same phone and power details as above.
  • You’ll then be asked whether the connection will be over broadband or the Fibre network.
  • You’ll be asked whether you’re currently connected over broadband or Fibre and there’s a range of questions to get your connection set up.

Information for gas

  • You’ll be asked how easily the meter or delivery point can be accessed. 
  • For reticulated gas, you’ll be asked if the gas is currently on. 
  • For bottled gas, you’ll be asked if you need a delivery now. 
  • You’ll be asked for any information needed by the meter reader or delivery team.

Information for billing

  • You’ll be asked for your billing and payment preferences. You’ll need to choose a password and confirm a billing delivery address.

Now you're ready to sign up with Trustpower for power, phone, internet and gas.

Ways to sign up


The process should take less than 10 minutes if you have all your information.

What information will help with signup?

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