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Natural Gas

At Trustpower, we’re ready to connect your home or business to reticulated (plumbed) natural gas. An alternative to LPG gas bottles, piped gas offers an advanced gas supply system.  

With over 280,000 existing customers throughout New Zealand, Trustpower is one of the country’s leading natural gas suppliers, offering a range of gas plans to suit any home. 

Switching natural gas providers is easy. We’re ready to connect your home to reticulated (plumbed) gas, offering a fast and competitively priced option for suitable New Zealand homes and businesses. If you have existing natural gas lines to your home contact Trustpower and find out how today.

If you’re interested in more than just gas, we can offer you a range of services with our bundle packages.

Natural Gas for Homes

Enjoy instant hot water, a warmer home and more efficient, precise cooking with reticulated natural gas from Trustpower. Natural gas energy is environmentally friendly, clean burning, and provides quick and efficient heat. Because a piped gas system heats water only when you use it, you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water in the shower, while wasting less energy on water heating.

Piped natural gas is currently available for homes across many parts of the North Island, including Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and Wellington. To compare natural gas prices for your home, visit our power bundles page.

Natural Gas for Business

As one of New Zealand’s leading power and natural gas retailers, Trustpower has supplied energy to businesses throughout the North Island. The competitive cost of natural gas and has made it the energy of choice for commercial enterprises ranging from heavy industry to small businesses and restaurants. Whatever your business’s size, location, or requirements, our team of dedicated business specialists can tailor a natural gas package that’s right for you. To get in touch, call 0800 87 87 87.

The Advantages of Natural Gas

A piped natural gas connection provides instant energy, able to quickly warm your home, heat large volumes of hot water, or to provide instant hot water day and night. The favourite fuel of professional and home kitchens, chefs appreciate the more efficient cooking provided by mains gas appliances as well as their superior controllability.  

Natural gas heating provides an economical way to heat your home, comparing favourably to the majority of domestic heat pumps, especially when temperatures drop below 15 degrees.

Another of the important benefits of natural gas energy is that it is more environmentally friendly than the coal used to generate much of New Zealand’s electricity. Composed mainly of methane, natural gas produces 70% less carbon dioxide than other fuels and burns cleanly with no ash, dust or smoke.

With strict regulations governing the storage, handling and use of natural gas products, modern gas appliances are extremely safe when properly maintained.  

For further natural gas information, contact Trustpower on 0800 878 787. 

Compare Natural Gas Prices

Piped natural gas is currently only available across the North Island, including Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and Wellington. Compare natural gas rates online for your area. 

For customers in the South Island and areas of the North Island not serviced by the reticulated gas network, Trustpower is able to supply LPG bottle gas throughout New Zealand.  

Your reticulated gas questions, answered

What is natural gas?

Natural gas consists mainly of methane, a compound comprised of a single carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. Small amounts of hydrocarbon gas liquids including butane, ethane, pentane and propane are also present.

How is natural gas extracted?

Natural gas extraction begins with drilling a well, either onshore or offshore, although because natural gas is often located in the same deposits as petroleum, gas extraction can be a side operation. Commonly, after a well is drilled, a concrete and metal casing is installed into the well and a pump installed.

How is natural gas processed?

Natural-gas processing is an industrial process designed to separate impurities and non-methane hydrocarbons from raw natural gas. The process involves amine or membrane treatment to remove acid gases, the removal of water, mercury and finally nitrogen and other natural gas liquids through low temperature, cryogenic distillation. The final product is known as pipeline quality dry natural gas.

How is natural gas produced?

Natural gas production begins with extraction from either an offshore or onshore drilling well. This well can be specifically drilled for natural gas extraction, or the gas is collected as a side product of petroleum drilling. After extraction, the raw natural gas is processed to separate impurities and non-methane hydrocarbons, creating pipeline quality dry natural gas. This gas is then transported and delivered to commercial and residential users.

Is natural gas renewable?

While New Zealand’s natural gas is a non-renewable resource, new gas streams will ensure domestic supplies for the foreseeable future.

What is natural gas used for?

An efficient and clean-burning source of energy, the uses of natural gas include cooking, space and water heating and energy generation for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Other uses include the manufacture of plastics, organic compounds and as a fuel for vehicles.

How is natural gas formed?

Like other fossil fuels, natural gas was formed from the buried decaying remains of prehistoric flora and fauna including large volumes of Zooplankton. The continual build-up of rock, mud, sand and biological matter lead to high levels of pressure and heat that created natural gas and other fossil fuels.

Why choose natural gas?

Natural gas provides instant energy and is a clean burning, producing 70% less carbon dioxide than other conventional fuels. Natural reticulated gas provides homes with instant hot water and cost-efficient space heating, while gas stoves and ovens deliver faster and more controllable heat.

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