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Reticulated gas

At Trustpower, we can supply reticulated (plumbed) natural gas where it’s available. If you already have a reticulated gas connection, it’s easy to switch from your previous provider.

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LPG Bottles

Trustpower can deliver LPG (bottled gas) to you and collect your old bottles. This convenient service gives you all the benefits of gas in many areas where reticulated gas isn’t available. 

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One of New Zealand’s leading gas providers

Trustpower has around 235,000 customers throughout New Zealand.  Our gas services include both a North Island reticulated (natural) gas network and nation-wide bottled LPG gas delivery.

To make Trustpower the gas provider for your home, visit our plan builder, or call our friendly team at 0800 87 87 87 today.

Gas for your home

There are plenty of advantages to using gas in your home.  Continuous gas hot water heaters will quickly reach your chosen temperature, and only heat up water when you need it – reducing hot water wastage and your chances of running out. A residential gas supply also enables quick, precise cooking and can be a convenient, easily controlled way to heat your home.

Trustpower provides both piped gas connections and LPG delivery services, allowing our network to supply many homes throughout the country.

Gas deals

If you’re already with Trustpower for your home’s electricity, we can also supply your home with gas where available. To see our residential gas deals and prices, visit our simple-to-use plan builder and enter your address to find out what connection types are available at your home.

Signing up to a power and gas bundle prevents hassle and saves you time by combining both services into a single monthly bill while unlocking our dual fuel discount. You can even streamline your billing further by adding one of our broadband internet or landline phone connections to your plan.

Your gas questions, answered

How do I check Trustpower’s gas prices?

To find out approximately how much your gas plan will cost, enter your address into our plan builder to see our rates. You can bundle gas with electricity and broadband to build a plan that’s right for you.