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Reticulated gas

At Trustpower, we’re ready to connect your home or business to reticulated (plumbed) natural gas, wherever there’s a gas line for us to tap into. If you’re currently with another gas provider, you can choose to switch to us.

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LPG Bottles

Trustpower can deliver LPG (bottled gas) to your home or business and collect the old bottle (canister). This is a convenient service providing all the benefits of clean burning natural gas to areas where reticulated gas isn’t available.

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If you’re looking for Gas, we offer both reticulated gas, and LPG (bottled gas). With Reticulated Gas, as long as you have a line we can tap into, we can get you set up and switched on from your previous provider straight away! If you’re looking for LPG Gas, we can deliver, install and set up your new gas supply in your home or business for free! 

Trustpower is the household gas supplier you and your family can rely on, providing reticulated natural gas for eco-friendly, quick and efficient heating of stoves, hot water cylinders and other appliances. We are proud to offer great power and gas rates to our customers throughout New Zealand.

Natural gas is fast becoming a preferred way of heating houses and appliances across New Zealand. If your home is near an existing gas line, we can get you connected, and if you already have a gas connection, you can switch to one of Trustpower’s great bundle plans to get some of the best power and gas deals available.

One of New Zealand’s leading gas providers

Trustpower has over 280,000 existing customers throughout New Zealand, providing stand-alone electricity and tailored power and gas bundles. Driven by a dedication to providing reliable power, Trustpower is proud to be the energy and gas provider of choice for thousands of Kiwi homes, and is actively involved in a range of community involvement projects.

A focus on sustainability, including the use of renewable electricity sources and clean-burning natural gas aligns Trustpower with New Zealand’s clean, green ethos. We believe in the future of this country, and want to play a part in preserving it for future generations, while ensuring the current occupants have the services they need to stay switched on, warm and connected.

Gas for your home

You might have noticed that many people are now using natural gas in their home instead of electricity alone. There are plenty of advantages to a domestic gas supply: instant hot water, quicker and more precise cooking surfaces, and a warmer home.

An environmentally friendly option, gas heats quickly, and only when you need it - meaning there is less hot water wastage and no chance of it running out. Piped residential gas supply is fast becoming available in many parts of the North Island, and it’s a fantastic choice for many households.

With our bundled deals, Trustpower is proud to be a provider power and gas to homes around the country. If you are unable to connect to reticulated gas, we also offer a bottled gas plan which involves dropping off and collecting bottles of LPG to allow you to enjoy the benefits of using gas in your home.

Gas for your business

The efficiency, quick heat and environmental soundness of natural gas works as well for your business as it does for your home. Trustpower is also a commercial gas supplier, piping it to businesses throughout the North Island.

Our power and gas deals

If you’re already a Trustpower electricity customer and are trying to find a gas provider, look no further. We can take care of both for you, as one of a small number of combined  power and gas companies operating in Aotearoa.

If you’re a new customer, Trustpower makes it easy to switch gas providers so you can combine both services. Use our plan builder online to complete the simple process, or give one of our friendly team a call on the freephone number 0800 36 98 45.

By combining electricity and gas on one bill we can offer some of the most affordable rates you’ll find, as well as making it simpler to manage household accounts. This is backed up by our reputation as a reliable electricity and gas supplier.

To compare power and gas prices, enter your address into the plan builder and find out whether you are a standard or low user.

Your gas questions, answered

How do I compare gas and electricity prices?

Many customers have found that after the initial output of buying gas-powered appliances or heating systems and connecting to supply, gas is a more affordable option for hot water, cooking and home heating. If you have gas-heated appliances in your home, it is well worth looking at getting connected to reticulated gas.

What is the average gas bill?

New Zealand is a nation of diversity and variety, with lifestyles and locations that range from isolated farms to sleepy beach towns to urban jungles, and plenty in between. Each of our customers is unique, and this means there is no typical bill. Your gas bill will depend on your usage, and there are no limits to how you can make the most of our service.

How to choose a gas company

Once you’ve decided on using gas in your home, you’ll need to compare gas suppliers and find one that works for you. Trustpower offers bundle deals which make it easier to manage all of your household’s bills and mean you’re getting great rates for not only gas but also power and broadband. Always take the time to find the best energy and gas provider for your households unique energy requirements.

How to compare gas prices

To find out how much reticulated natural gas (or our bottled gas service) will cost you, enter your address into the plan builder and see the rates for low and standard users. Add it into your power and gas bundle to get the cost for a plan that suits you, then compare and choose.