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VDSL Broadband Plans

VDSL broadband is a great way for New Zealand homes to get online. VDSL provides high-speed connections for browsing, streaming, gaming and other internet activities.

Naked VDSL

A naked VDSL broadband plan lets you get online without the added expense of a landline. Trustpower can provide naked VDSL broadband connections to homes throughout many areas of New Zealand

Unlimited data VDSL

Unlimited data VDSL connections have no monthly data cap. Stream, browse, shop and game away without worrying about running out of data!

VDSL Broadband Deals

To see our latest VDSL broadband deals, visit our plan builder and enter the services you require and your address.

Alongside our broadband plans, Trustpower supplies powergas and landline phone connections. If you’d like to spend less time paying bills, you can bundle your home internet and energy services. With only one combined bill each month, you can spend more time doing the things you love.

VDSL Speeds

VDSL is the quickest of our two DSL broadband options and is a good choice for households that require higher bandwidth, low-latency connections for streaming and online gaming. If your home requires Trustpower’s fastest broadband connection, you can learn about our Ultra Fast Broadband plans here.

Your VDSL questions, answered

What is VDSL?

VDSL stands for Very-High-Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line. It uses the fibre network to a cabinet positioned on your street and then the copper network from the cabinet to your house.  It can support HD TV, VOIP services and many other high-bandwidth activities.

Is VDSL available in my area?

VDSL is available throughout approximately 80% of New Zealand. The VDSL network does not cover quite as much of the country as ADSL.

What is the difference between VDSL and ADSL?

Both VDSL and ADSL broadband connections use the existing copper phone lines to connect your home but VDSL uses a fibre connection to the cabinet. offering faster speeds for browsing, uploading and downloading.

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