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VDSL Broadband

VDSL Broadband is a great way for Kiwis to get online. A high-speed connection, it makes browsing, streaming, gaming and other internet activities easy and enjoyable and is ideal for busy New Zealand households.

Trustpower is one of New Zealand’s leading VDSL suppliers and can hook your home up to VDSL connection wherever it’s available.

VDSL Speeds

VDSL is the quickest of our two DSL broadband options, and the ultra-fast nature of VDSL internet connections is what makes it such a popular option for New Zealanders who require higher bandwidth, low latency connections for streaming, online gaming and effortless browsing.

Naked VDSL Plans

We know that many Kiwis now prefer to use their mobile phone rather than being tied to a landline, with an increasing number of households no longer containing a home phone. That’s why Trustpower offers a naked VDSL broadband package, allowing you to get online without the added expense and bother of a landline. We like our services to fit your lifestyle - whether that’s naked or bundled up!

Unlimited VDSL Plans

Surf the web without worrying about running out of data while enjoying fast VDSL upload and download speeds when you opt for one of Trustpower’s unlimited plans. Unlimited VDSL connections have no cap on the amount of data you can use in a month, so stream, browse, shop and game away without worrying about hitting that dreaded data cap!

Packaged VDSL Plans

Save time, and even money with Trustpower. As well as being the VDSL provider of choice to Kiwi households throughout the country, we are also trusted suppliers of power, gas and landline phone connections. With a bundled deal of broadband and phone, gas, power or a combination of those, you could pay lower VDSL prices while also streamlining your household management with just one bill and one provider to deal with.

Your VDSL questions, answered

What is VDSL?

VDSL is a fast option for broadband internet. The letters stand for Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line, and it operates through copper wires using a frequency band from 25 kHz to 12 MHz. It can support HDTV, VOIP services and many other online activities and tasks that require large volumes of data at high speeds.

The VDSL installation process is simple, and Trustpower will send out a technician to get everything set up and working for you.

Is VDSL available in my area?

It is available throughout most of the country, but the VDSL map does not cover quite as much of New Zealand as ADSL. To check whether your home or business can get on a VDSL plan, just enter the address above.

What is the difference between VDSL and ADSL?

VDSL and ADSL are both types of broadband connection which use copper wire and the existing, widely available phone line network. VDSL offers faster speeds for browsing, uploading and downloading.

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