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Multiple users

Multiple Users

One of the biggest benefits of fibre is the ability to have many household members working and playing online without missing a beat. A Game of Thrones marathon and research session at the same time in the same house? Not a problem!



Another of the benefits of fibre optic cables handling your internet connection is that they are well-equipped for streaming content of all kinds. Fibre gives you high definition video, making it easy and enjoyable to watch all of your favourite shows and movies on Netflix, TVNZ OnDemand, YouTube and other sites.

Video calls

Video Calls

We love to connect - not just with the internet, but with people. Fibre means you can video call your friends and loved ones around the city, country or globe. Conversation flows easier with fibre!

Free Upgrade

No Upfront Installation Cost

There is no upfront installation cost for fibre broadband if you are not already connected to the network unless your home is more than 200 metres from the fibre cable access point on the street. Learn more about setting up your connection on our fibre installation page

Future proof

Future Proof

Connecting your home to fibre internet prepares you for technological advances to come, whether that means appliances that communicate with each other or music that responds to your mood. The benefits of fibre in the future are as yet unknown, and we look forward to finding out what they might be!



Spotify addict? Apple Music subscriber? Whichever music streaming service you use, you will be able to enjoy it with Fibre Broadband.



Your fibre broadband questions, answered

What is Fibre Broadband?

Fibre broadband is a technology that allows for faster internet connections, thanks to fibre optic cables that transmit information via pulses of light. These fibre cables result in a more stable internet connection delivering higher download and upload speeds.

What speeds can I expect from Fibre Broadband?

 The estimated industry average peak time speeds (source: MBNZ Summer Edition 2022)  for FibreClassic are download 313Mbps/upload 110Mbps. The estimated industry average peak time speeds for FibreMax  are download 841Mbps/upload 502Mbps You may experience higher or lower speeds than this.

What can influence my Fibre Broadband speed?

Factors that may influence your speed include the device you are using and its capabilities, your operating system and web-browser, if you’re connecting wirelessly to your router, and the number of devices connecting via WiFi. If you have a router supplied by Trustpower, this router is capable of providing the estimated peak time average speeds, subject to the other factors described above. If you are using a router not supplied by Trustpower, you may not receive the stated speeds.

What is the Fibre Broadband initiative?

This initiative refers to the New Zealand Government's plan to deliver fibre broadband to 87% of the country's homes through a high definition fibre network by 2022. It is a public-private partnership, with four companies contracted by the crown to lay the fibre network cables in different areas.

Can I get Fibre Broadband?

 Find out if fibre broadband is available at your address, what plan is best for you and any contract terms and conditions that may apply.