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Multiple users

Multiple Users

Waiting your turn is a thing of the past with fibre broadband speeds. One of the biggest benefits of fibre is the ability to have many household members working and playing online without missing a beat. A Game of Thrones marathon and research session at the same time in the same house? Not a problem!



Another of the benefits of fibre optic cables handling your internet connection is that they are well-equipped for streaming content of all kinds, without delays. Fibre gives you high definition video, making it easy and enjoyable to watch all of your favourite shows and movies on Netflix, TVNZ OnDemand, YouTube and other sites.

Video calls

Video Calls

We love to connect - not just with the internet, but with people. Fibre broadband speeds mean you can video call your friends and loved ones around the city, country or globe without worrying about the dreaded buffering, jumping and freezing that mars many a chat over Skype. Conversation flows easier with fibre!

Free Upgrade

No Upfront Installation Cost

There is no upfront installation cost for fibre broadband if you are not already connected to the network unless your home is more than 200 metres from the fibre cable access point on the street. Learn more about setting up your connection on our fibre installation page

Future proof

Future Proof

We don’t know where technology will take us, but we are quite certain that the internet will play a pretty big role and fibre broadband speeds will make sure you can keep up. Connecting your home to the fastest available internet prepares you for technological advances to come, whether that means appliances that communicate with each other or music that responds to your mood. The benefits of fibre in the future are as yet unknown, and we look forward to finding out what they might be!



Whichever music streaming service you use, it will work better at fibre broadband speeds. VDSL is fine for Spotify, Apple Music and other music apps the majority of the time, but with Ultra Fast Broadband over the fibre network you can stream TV shows while listening to your tunes and surfing the web, and they won’t interfere with each other at all.



Your questions, answered

How fast is Ultra Fast Broadband?

It’s commonly known that the major advantage of fibre (also known as Ultra Fast Broadband) is the very fast upload and download speeds. Specifically, the UFB network should allow connections of at least 100Mbit/s downstream and 50Mbit/s upstream, with the possibility of much faster speeds.

Why is fibre broadband better?

The advantages of fibre are many, but they all add up to a superior internet usage experience. A faster connection improves browsing, streaming and online gaming and can reduce the friction and frustration of slow internet speeds in households with multiple internet users.