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ADSL Broadband Plans

ADSL is what many people think of as ‘standard’ broadband. Although it’s now an older technology with lower maximum speeds than VDSL or fibre broadband, it’s still a great, reliable option for many households throughout New Zealand. At Trustpower, you can choose from two available ADSL plans - 100GB or Unlimited Data.

Naked ADSL

If you want broadband for your home, but use mobile phones for all your calls, a naked broadband plan is a great option. Trustpower can provide naked broadband plans to homes throughout most of New Zealand.  

Unlimited Data ADSL

Browse and stream to your heart’s content with an unlimited data ADSL plan. If you use a lot of data or have a small horde of people in your home accessing the net, an unlimited data plan is the way to go.

ADSL Broadband Deals for NZ

To compare broadband plans and prices or find out about our current ADSL broadband deals available in your area, visit our plan builder and enter your home address.

If you want to spend less time paying bills and more time doing the things you love, try bundling your home’s internet and energy with Trustpower.We’re able to supply your home’s electricity, broadband, internet connection, gas, mobile, and landline phone with just one simple combined bill to pay each month.

ADSL Speeds in NZ

The Commerce Commission’s Measuring Broadband NZ Autumn report (2020) found an average ADSL download speed of 8.5Mbps. ADSL speeds are affected by many factors including the number and type of devices you are connecting and whether you are using WiFi or wired internet connections with your modem. While slower than Ultra Fast Broadband and VDSL internet connections, ADSL still provides the speeds required for many homes’ browsing and streaming needs.

Your ADSL questions, answered

What is ADSL?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and is a data communications technology which allows a broadband connection over copper telephone lines.

ADSL vs VDSL - Which is better?

VDSL speeds have the potential to be faster, although both operate over copper network lines. ADSL is available to more homes and is the only wired broadband connection available in some areas of New Zealand.

How fast is ADSL?

ADSL performance is asymmetrical, meaning it provides faster download speeds than upload speeds. The Commerce Commission’s Measuring Broadband NZ Autumn report (2020) states that ADSL's average download speed is 8.5Mbps.

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