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ADSL Broadband

At Trustpower we believe in choice, and that’s why we provide Kiwis with a range of ways to get online including our popular ADSL connection. This is an affordable, speedy, easy and very widely accessible way to connect, and serves households throughout New Zealand. ADSL broadband connections work well for browsing, streaming, gaming and more, so talk to Trustpower about getting connected today.

We are proud to be one of New Zealand’s leading and trusted home ADSL providers, and can also offer business ADSL for workplaces.

ADSL Speeds

ADSL connection speeds, while usually slower than Ultra Fast Broadband and VDSL connections, still provides the upload and download speeds required for many homes browsing and streaming requirements. As it is a broadband connection, it does not interfere with the phone lines and allows instant connection whenever you need it. ADSL speeds are adequate for the average internet usage of many New Zealand households.

Naked ADSL Plans

In the era of mobile phones, many homes have no landline - but thankfully, the phone and the internet are no longer so closely intertwined. Naked ADSL offers an independent broadband connection, so you can surf the web without having to be hooked up to an unnecessary voice line.

ADSL and home phone bundles are of course available too, for those who require both.

Unlimited ADSL Plans

Browse the internet to your heart’s content with unlimited ADSL. If you use a lot of data or have a small horde of people in your household accessing the net, an unlimited connection is the way to go - and Trustpower makes it a very affordable option.

Packaged ADSL Plans

Trustpower provides a range of essential home utilities, and you can save on all of them by packaging your ADSL plan with one or more of the other services on offer. Whether that’s an ADSL and phone line package or a bundle that includes gas, power or both, you can get lower ADSL prices when you choose Trustpower to keep you powered up, heated and connected to the world.

Not only can a package deal for your utilities mean lower prices, but it’s also convenient: one bill, one company and a more streamlined way to manage your household.

Your ADSL questions, answered

What is ADSL?

ADSL is an acronym. It stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line and is a data communications technology which allows a fast connection over copper telephone lines - i.e, a type of broadband. Trustpower is one of the country’s ADSL suppliers.

Is ADSL available in my area?

It is very likely that ADSL will be available to your household, as the ADSL map of coverage spreads over most of New Zealand. To double check, enter your address above.

What is the difference between ADSL and VDSL?

VDSL (Very high bitrate Digital Subscriber Line) offers a faster connection than ADSL, although both operate over copper lines as opposed to Ultra Fast Broadband which uses optical fibre cables.

ADSL availability is much better than that of VDSL, and it is the only way to receive broadband internet in some parts of the country. While ADSL is available to the majority of homes across New Zealand, VDSL is available to around 80% of broadband users.

How fast is ADSL?

ADSL performance is called asymmetrical, meaning it is faster towards the customer (downstream) than in the reverse (upstream) - this making it ideal for home use which mostly involves accessing or downloading content. ADSL upload speeds, then, are slightly lower than the ADSL download speeds which depend on the distance of the user from the multiplexer and can reach up to 3 MB/sec.

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