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Retrieving Data

There are a few things for you to confirm, or complete before we are able to buy electricity you generate. First, you must be with Trustpower for electricity you buy. Second, all power you generate must be properly controlled and modified for supply to the national grid, through your local lines company. This must be done by an approved meter contractor. Third, you need a special meter, which we provide and install at a charge starting from $155 (incl GST).

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Got solar panels at your place?

Check out Solar Buddies™ for more information on how Trustpower customers can nominate 'buddies' to sell your excess electricity to. Find out more >

How your power is measured

The meter measures your ‘surplus energy’: for example, whatever power is supplied to the grid, after the power you use is taken from the power you generate. Power you generate and use yourself is not metered, though of course this still saves you buying electricity. The meter is read or estimated monthly and the surplus energy is credited to your monthly invoice at the generation rate in cents per kWh (kilo Watt hour).

What you earn

Our generation rate reflects the cost of electricity on the spot market, adjusted for volume, reliability and other factors. Our current generation rate is 8.5c/ kWh + GST if applicable. (The rate is lower than our retail rate because that includes lines company charges, our costs and operating margins).

Get in touch

To have your meter changed to an import/export meter, please download and complete this form and email it, along with your lines company approval, to domestic_generation@trustpower.co.nz. We can also answer any questions you may have regarding domestic generation at your property. 

Or read

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority for information from the Government. 

Sustainable Electricity Association New Zealand for general information. 

Electricity Authority fact sheet for general information.