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Retrieving Data

With Trustpower's phone plan, you can take advantage of great capped rates for longer calls to national and international destinations. Our Cap120 rates give you unlimited 2 hour calling to all of the destinations listed below.

Please note: Prices include GST and are subject to change.

  perminute Cap 120
Australia $0.48 $2.50
Australia - Mobile $0.60
Canada $0.50 $5.00
Germany $0.91 $5.00
Ireland $0.50 $5.00
Ireland - Mobile $0.60
Netherlands $0.91 $5.00
New Zealand $0.18 $2.50
New Zealand - Mobile $0.48
South Africa $0.91 $10.00
Switzerland $0.91 $5.00
United Kingdom $0.50 $5.00
United Kingdom - Mobile $0.60
United States $0.50 $5.00

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