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Business: New Plymouth Weather Master 

Location: New Plymouth 

Service: Blind/awning manufacture 

Staff: Three 

Key business issue solved: Reliable power at a competitive price. 

“They’re always friendly and easy to deal with. What more can you ask for?” says Michael Williams, Owner of New Plymouth Weather Master. 

 The business has been with Trustpower for it’s power since the turn of the millennium. “There’s not really a lot to say because there’s never been any problem,” Michael comments.

They’re always friendly and easy to deal with. What more can you ask for?

Michael Williams, Owner - New Plymouth Weather Master

“If there’s been a power outage, as soon as you ring them, they tell you they’ll get onto the lines company. They do that and call you back to tell you. Then they give you a follow-up call afterwards to make sure everything’s okay. As a small business, you do depend on the power being there.” 

“I don’t think they are the cheapest option, but overall they’re a good choice for us. There’s more to it than just saving $15 a year.”