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Trustpower generates a large amount of New Zealand’s electricity — powering numerous homes and businesses nationwide. We have a strong focus on sustainable generation using hydroelectric power stations. We are continually seeking to expand our generation network, as well as make efficiencies, and minimise environmental impacts. See here for more about our generation portfolio. 

In addition, we have a number of generation projects in various stages of planning and development. Linked to our hydroelectric assets, we also have a number of irrigation projects in planning, development and operation. See here for more about our irrigation portfolio.


Our retail proposition is based on excellent customer service and continual innovation. In 2018, we supplied around 270,000 electricity connections, 91,000 telecommunications connections, and 38,000 gas connections. Around 102,000 of our customers currently receive two or more services from us. Our customers represent homes and businesses nationwide.


Following the Government’s 1993 restructuring of the New Zealand electricity sector, Trustpower Limited was formed and we began developing our generation and retailing business. In 1999, further market reforms required us to choose between generation/retailing and owning a distribution network. The decision was made to focus on generation/retailing and exit distribution.