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Retrieving Data

To get the most from your power and data, it’s really helpful to know what’s happening. We offer you online tools so you can monitor your home’s electricity consumption and get a good idea whether you could make energy savings. You can also monitor how much data you’ve used and how much you have left, with figures updated every 15 minutes. Check out the Energy Savings Tips page, to see where power is most often wasted in New Zealand homes and what steps you can take to save money.

Online services

Here’s a quick tour to guide you through key features of our new web site. The tour shows you where to look on the site to find helpful graphs and information and get a complete picture of your Trustpower account. That will help you make most out of your plan, whatever power, gas, phone or internet services you have with us.


Energy Savings Tips

Even simple changes can really boost your home’s energy efficiency. As well as saving money on your power and gas, you’ll help to make your home warmer and healthier. Here are some smart ways to do it.