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Retrieving Data

Payments made to Trustpower

Any payments made to Trustpower need to be made to: 01-1839-0329105-01

Receive one monthly bill

We send you a bill for payment each month, unless you have arranged otherwise, or are on a prepaid option. If you have chosen online billing, we email you to say that your account is available. Whatever plan you’re on, your bill clearly shows all charges and usage, or estimated usage, for all services you have with us, plus any charges from the network owner. Please read the understanding your bill page for a full explanation.

TXT account balance

At any time, you can check the current balance of your account. Simply TXT your account number to 3167. You’ll receive your current balance, plus your last payment date and amount.

Choose when your payment is due

You can choose the date your payment is due each month. Simply contact us with your preferred payment date (called the ‘fixed due date’), between the 1st and 28th of the month. Your chosen date will then be the day your invoice needs paying each month, helping you simplify budgeting by matching the due date to your pay day.

Pay on time and save

Your payment must be received in full by, or before, the due date. So long as this happens, you’ll receive up to 15% prompt payment discount. The discount may not apply if you’re getting other special offers.

Choose how you’d like to pay:

  • Pay by Debit or Credit Card. Register with us to view and manage your accounts online. Simply log into your account and click the Pay Now button next to your account balance.
  • Direct debit. The amount to be paid is deducted from your bank account. Here’s the form to set up a direct debit. Want us to Direct Debit from your Credit Card? No problem, simply contact us.
  • Automatic payments. Can be made from your bank account weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Here’s the form to set up an automatic payment. 
  • Online banking. All banks that offer online payment options have Trustpower’s payee details. If you have more than one Trustpower account, set up a bill payment for each Trustpower Account Number. 
  • Phone banking. Contact your bank with your Trustpower Account Number.
  • NZ PostShop. Bring your Trustpower bill or Power Card along to make a payment. A processing fee of $1.38 will apply. Don’t have your account? NZ PostShop has a lodgment form available for you to complete.  A processing fee of $3.16 will apply.
  • Cheque. Send your cheque along with your Payment Slip to Trustpower Limited, Private Bag 82088, Tauranga Mail Centre, Tauranga 3143. Please post at least four days before the due date, to be sure it arrives on time.

SmoothPay your bill

SmoothPay can really help you to simplify your budgeting. Instead of having a different amount to pay each month, you pay a fixed amount by direct debit. Simply contact us and say whether you’d like the direct debit to be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We’ll assess your usage, and fix your direct debit amount to match. We’ll regularly review your usage to make sure the direct debit amount is still correct.

If you have any overdue payments

If you have any overdue payments (for bills, bond or other charges) all payments you make will go towards clearing your oldest debt first, unless you contact us to say otherwise. You’ll find helpful information here on what to do if you’re having difficulty paying.

If your bill arrives late

If you receive a bill late, through no fault of your own, please contact us. We’ll arrange a new due date. If the bill is over three months late, we’ll negotiate an appropriate discount.

If an estimated meter reading is not accurate

If you receive a bill with an estimated power meter reading that you don’t think is correct, please contact us with the actual meter reading and we will issue a new bill. Or, register for our online services, and you can enter your own meter reading instead of getting an estimated bill.

Contact us if you have questions

If you have any questions about paying your account, please contact us.