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Multiple users

Multiple Users

Chances are, when one person wants to use the internet, everyone wants to. With fibre it’s not a problem. Jim can play Halo, while Sarah watches Game of Thrones, while Sam watches cooking videos, while…



Netflix? YouTube? TVNZ OnDemand? With fibre you’ll get a smooth, clear HD picture - all while the rest of the household is doing the same thing.

Video calls

Video Calls

Never see a buffering symbol again. Skype your friends and family in HD with no worries about stuttering, jumping or freezing.

Free Upgrade

No Upfront Installation Cost

There are no upfront installation costs on standard fibre installations if you’re not already connected to fibre.* 
*If your home is more than 200m from where the fibre cable access point is on the street, or you need additional internal wiring there may be an additional installation cost.

Future proof

Future Proof

Is there anything the internet can’t do? No one knows what’s coming next - maybe it’s appliances that talk to each other, or music streaming that can sense your mood and adjust the tunes. No matter what amazing things are around the corner, fibre will make it work.



Music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music all work fine on ADSL, but if you start watching Netflix at the same time, you may run into issues. With fibre you can do what you want, when want, no matter what everyone else is doing.