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Patea Lake Level

The below lake level is measured at the Patea dam. The difference in lake level between the dam, Pukekino landing and Glen Nui are within the margin of error and so are to be taken as being equal.

Trustpower will be lowering the level of Lake Rotorangi below 76m RL from 28 July 2015, for approximately four weeks. This work is to facilitate the completion of upgrades to the Tangahoe and Glen Nui Boat Ramp. Access to the Glen Nui and Tangahoe boat ramps will be unavailable from 5 August 2015 until works are completed. We anticipated this to be no later than 24 August 2015, although we now expect works to be completed by 31 August 2015 due to recent rainfall. Access to the lake from the dam boat ramp may also be limited.

Should you have any queries regarding this please contact Ryan Piddington on 07 572 9888 ext 4522.

Your patience is appreciated.

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Patea Lake Levels

This is the current indexed level of the lake in real time and is not a reduced level measurement. The index provided is accurate to within +/- 0.25m.

Lake levels can change over a short period of time.

The photos are not an indication of the current lake level.