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Mahinerangi Wind Farm

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Mahinerangi Wind Farm lies 7 kilometres (km) north of Lake Mahinerangi, in the South Island of New Zealand. We finished stage one in 2011. Resource Consents granted in 2009 allow for up to 100 wind turbines or 200 MW of capacity, so there is significant opportunity to expand the development at some point. When complete, the wind farm will potentially have an average annual output over 600 GWh, helping to meet New Zealand’s future energy needs.

At a Glance

LOCATION: Lammerlaw Range

Commissioned 2011

Max Capacity 36 MW (Stage 1) Up to 200 MW

Annual output 105 GWh (Stage 1)

Mahinerangi Wind Farm is one of several major projects we’re developing in response to New Zealand’s expected future shortfall of electricity. Mahinerangi is at 600-750 metres (m) in altitude, at the southern end of the Lammerlaw Range, Otago. Stage one of the farm is on land owned by Trustpower and Landcorp Farming Ltd (Thornicroft Farm) and is now operational.

Stage one consists of twelve Vestas V90 turbines, each producing 3 MW, for a total capacity of 36 MW. Estimated annual production is 105 GWh. Other infrastructure includes meteorological masts, a 33kV interconnection network, a substation, transmission lines, about 6km of access tracks and operations facilities. Less than 2% of the site’s land area is affected, which is why it can remain a productive farm. 

Environment and recreation

In developing the Mahinerangi wind farm concept, we took an ‘environment first’ approach. We excluded from the site a number of areas where there were potential effects on archaeological, ecological, or landscape values. 

The wind farm is only a few kilometres from our Waipori Hydroelectric Power Scheme, supporting more balanced generation decisions based on resource availability, as well as energy demand. 

New Project: Mahinerangi Wind Farm Future Stages

The full Wind Farm will have a maximum capacity of 200 MW. Wind turbine modelling suggests it will generate 630-788 GWh annually, depending on the final model installed. Spread over 1,423 hectares, there will be a maximum of 100 turbines, with a peak turbine height of 145m from the ground to the tip of the blade. In addition to the turbines, there will be up to 30km of access tracks and other associated infrastructure. 

We will most likely undertake construction in two or three stages. Resource Consents for the full Mahinerangi Wind Farm were granted in 2007, this decision was appealed. The Environment Court granted the final Resource Consent in May 2009.

Mahinerangi Wind Farm in the snow
Mahinerangi Wind Farm in the snow

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